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Cranesmith Services Private Limited | +91 98846 68100 |

Our AMC covers all components of your cranes to ensure their integrity and ability to perform at all levels of use. Moreover, covering your cranes under a CraneSmith AMC gives you timely inputs on the health of worn-out parts. This is so that you can be well prepared for replacements, rather than caught off guard and suffering production downtime. Planning your spare inventory also becomes much more convenient, saving time and money. You can define your own performance parameters which CraneSmith will analyze to give you a detailed crane performance report. This will ensure the identification and elimination of problems at an early stage. AMC ensures maximum uptime and productivity. This will also help to identify any irregularities in operations and improve safety. Moreover, CraneSmith will provide a detailed maintenance plan to ensure that your crane is running efficiently with minimal downtime.

Cranesmith Services Private Limited | +91 98846 68100 |